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Uniraj UG PG Syllabus session 2020-21 – Rajasthan University Syllabus Now Released

Rajasthan University Syllabus Released

Hello Dear Students, Recently Rajasthan University Released Uniraj UG PG Syllabus session 2020-21. You can check Uniraj UG PG Syllabus session 2020-21 Regular/non-colleges /Ex-students and Exam Fee Sports board fee and Development fee English determined by the University for the Examination 2021. We provided the latest information about Rajasthan University Uniraj UG PG Syllabus session 2020-21. So, you can check our website the regular basis for Rajasthan University UG PG Syllabus session 2020-21 information.

Latest Update [REVISED] Rajasthan University UG PG Syllabus session 2020-21 Available Now (Uniraj UG PG Syllabus)

We just want to inform you are all the students of the Rajasthan University that has Already put UG PG Syllabus on its official website. Those students who want to score good in exams, then first check out syllabus before start studying, we provide you link of website of Rajasthan University Exam Form 2021 page below. Rajasthan University issued Uniraj UG PG Syllabus session 2020-21 on its official website. So this notice is for all the private and regular students who need to know about Uniraj UG PG Syllabus session 2020-21 for the examination. Students also can visit the official website of Rajasthan University the official website link is given in the last of this article.

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Rajasthan University Updated UG PG Syllabus session 2020-21


1. Faculty of Fine Arts

1B.V.A (Part-I to IV)Annual2021-2024
2M.V.A. Painting/Sculpture/Applied (Part-I to IV)Semester2020-2022
3M.A. in Drawing & painting (Part-I to IV)Semester2020-2022
4M.A. in Drawing & PaintingAnnual2021-2022
5M.A. in Dramatics (Part-I to IV)Semester2020-2022
6PG Diploma in DramaticsAnnual2021
7B.Des. in Fashion Design (Part-I to IV)Annual2021-2024
8B.Des. in Jewellery Design (Part-I to IV)Annual2021-2024
9B.Des. in Interior Design (Part-I to IV)Annual2021-2024
10B.Des. in Craft Accessory Design (Part-I to IV)Annual2021-2024

2. Faculty of Arts & Social Science

1B.A. (Pass Course) Part-IAnnual2021
2B.A. (Pass Course) Part-IIAnnual2021
3B.A. (Pass Course) Part-IIIAnnual2021
4B.A. (Hons.) Part-IAnnual2021
5B.A. (Hons.) Part-IIAnnual2021
6B.A. (Hons.) Part-IIIAnnual2021
7B.A. (Deaf, Dumb & Blind) (Part-I)Annual2021
8B.A. (Deaf, Dumb & Blind) (Part-II)Annual2021
9B.A. (Deaf, Dumb & Blind) (Part-III)Annual2021
10M.A. HINDI Annual SchemeAnnual2021-2022
11M.A. Hindi Semester SchemeSemester2021-2022
12M.A. History Annual SchemeAnnual2021-2022
13M.A. History Semester SchemeSemester2021-2022
14M.A. -M.Sc Anthropology Semester SchemeSemester2021-2022
15M.A. Museology & Conservation Semester SchemeSemester2021-2022
16M.A. Philosophy Annual SchemeAnnual2021-2022
17M.A. Philosophy Semester SchemeSemester2021-2022
18M.A. Political Science Annual SchemeAnnual2021-2022
19M.A. Political Science Semester SchemeSemester2021-2022
20M.A. Public Administration Annual SchemeAnnual2021-2022
21M.A. Public Administration Semester SchemeSemester2021-2022
22M.A. Economics Annual SchemeAnnual2021-2022
23M.A. Economics Semester SchemeSemester2021-2022
24M.A. English Annual SchemeAnnual2021-2022
25M.A. English Semester SchemeSemester2021-2022
26M.A. French Semester SchemeSemester2021-2022
27M.A. Rajasthani Langu Literature & Culture Semester SchemeSemester2021-2022
28M.A. Sanskrit Semester SchemeSemester2021-2022
29M.A. Sanskrit Annual SchemeAnnual2021-2022
30M.A. Sociology Annual SchemeAnnual2021-2022
31M.A. Sociology Semester SchemeSemester2021-2022
32M.A. Urdu Annual SchemeAnnual2021-2022
33M.A. Urdu Semester SchemeSemester2021-2022
34M.A. Electronic Media, Journalism & Mass Communication, Public Relation and AdvertisingSemester2021
35Certificate Course in Jain Studies2021
36Certificate Diploma & Post Diploma in Eueopean Languages2021
37P.G.Diploma in Indian Culture AnnualAnnual2021-2022
38P.G.Diploma in Jain Studies2021
39PG Diploma in Women Studies2020-2021
40M.Phil. in Public AdministrationSemester2020-21
41M.Phil. in PhilosophySemester2020-21
42M.Phil. in SanskritSemester2020-21
43M.Phil. in UrduSemester2020-21
44M.Phil. in HindiSemester2020-21
45M.Phil. in Course in Jain StudiesSemester2020-21
46M.Phil. in Gandhian StudiesSemester2020-21
47M.Phil. in SociologySemester2020-21
48M.Phil. in AnthropologySemester2020-21
49M.Phil. in Gender StudiesSemester2020-21
50M.Phil. in EconomicsSemester2020-21
51M.Phil. in HistorySemester2020-21
52M.Phil. in Political ScienceSemester2020-21
53M.Phil. in EnglishSemester2020-21
54M.Phil./Ph.D. Course Work in South Asian StudiesSemester2020-21

3. Faculty of Management

1Master of Business Administration (I to IV)Semester2020-2022
2Master of Business Administration-Service Management (I to IV)Semester2020-2022
3Master of Business Administration-Executive (I to IV)Semester2020-2022

4. Faculty of Law

1L.L.B. Part-I,II,IIIAnnual2021-2023
2B.A. L.L.B. Hons. Five Year (Hons.)Semester I to X2020-2025
3B.A. L.L.B. Five Year (Integrated Course)Semester I to X2020-2025
4L.L.M. (HR & VE)Semester I to IV2020-2022
5L.L.M. (General)Semester I to IV2020-2022
6L.L.M. & DiplomaAnnual2021

5. Faculty of Science

1B.Sc. Part IAnnual2021
2B.Sc. PART IIAnnual2021
3B.Sc. PART IIIAnnual2021
4B.Sc. (Hons.) Part IAnnual2021
5B.Sc. (Hons.) Part IIAnnual2021
6B.Sc. (Hons.) Part IIIAnnual2021
7B.Sc. (Home Science) Part IAnnual2021
8B.Sc. (Home Science) Part IIAnnual2021
9B.Sc. (Home Science) Part IIIAnnual2021
10B.Sc. Bio-TechnologyAnnual2021-2023
11BCA Part I,II & IIIAnnual2021-2023
12Master in Computer Application (I to IV)Semester2020-22
13M.Sc. BiotechnologyAnnual2021-22
14M.Sc. ZoologyAnnual2021-22
15M.Sc./M.A. PsychologyAnnual2021-22
16M.Sc./M.A. StatisticsAnnual2021-22
17M.Sc./M.A. Environmental ScienceAnnual2021-22
18M.Sc./M.A./M.Com. in Garment Producation & Export ManagementAnnual2021-22
19M.Sc./M.A. in Pharmaceutical ChemistryAnnual2021-22
20M.Sc./M.A. GeographyAnnual2021-22
21M.Sc. BotanyAnnual2021-22
22M.Sc. PhysicsAnnual2021-22
23M.Sc. GeologyAnnual2021-22
24M.Sc. Bio-ChemistryAnnual2021-22
25M.Sc./M.A. MathematicsAnnual2021-22
26M.Sc. ChemistryAnnual2021-22
27M.Sc. ZoologySemester I to IV2020-22
28M.Sc. Home Science (Foods and Human Nutrition)Semester I to IV2020-22
29M.Sc. Home Science (Development Communication and Extension)Semester I to IV2020-22
30M.Sc. Home Science (Human Development and Family)Semester I to IV2020-22
31M.Sc. ChemistrySemester2021
32Post P.G. Diploma in CounsellingSemester2021
33Post P.G. Diploma in Environmental StudiesSemester2021
34Post P.G. Diploma in Population StudiesSemester2021
35Post P.G. Diploma in Human ecologySemester2021
36M.Sc. GeographySemester I to IV2020-22
37M.Sc. MicrobiologySemester I to IV2020-22
38M.Sc./M.A. MathematicsSemester I to IV2020-22
39M.Sc. Environmental ScienceSemester I to IV2020-22
40M.Sc. PsychologySemester I to IV2020-22
41M.Sc./M.A. StatisticsSemester I to IV2020-22
42M.Sc. GeologySemester I to IV2020-22
43M.Sc. PhysicsSemester I to IV2020-22
44M. Phil./Pre Ph.D. in PsychologySemester2021
45Pre Ph.D. Course in ChemistrySemester2021
46PGDCA (I & II)Semester2020-21
47M. Phil./Ph.D. in MathematicsSemester2021
48Ph.D. in Environmental StudiesSemester2020-21
49M. Phil./Ph.D. in MathematicsSemester2021
50M.Sc.(IT)Semester I to IV2020-22
51M.Sc. BotanySemester I to IV2020-22
52M.Phil. GeographySemester2020-21
53M. Phil./Ph.D. in StatisitcsSemester2020-21
54M.Phil BotanySemester2020-21

6. Faculty of Commerce

1B.Com. (Pass course) Part-IAnnual2021
2B.Com. (Pass course) Part-IIAnnual2021
3B.Com. (Pass course) Part-IIIAnnual2021
4B.Com. (Hons.) Part-IAnnual2021
5B.Com. (Hons.) Part-IIAnnual2021
6B.Com. (Hons.) Part-IIIAnnual2021
7BBA Part-I,II, IIIAnnual2021
8Master of Cost and Mang. Acc. (I to IV)Semester2020-2022
9M.Com. ABST (Prev. & Final)Annual2022-2022
10M.Com. ABST (I to IV)Semester2020-2022
11M.Com. Business Admn. (I to IV)Semester2020-2022
12M.Com. Business Admn. (Prev. & Final)Annual2021-2022
13M.Com in EAFM (I TO IV) SemesterSemester2020-2022
14M.Com. EAFM (Prev. & Final)Annual2021-2022
15M.Com in Financial Analysis & control (I to IV)Semester2021
16M.COM. (Human Resource Management) I to IVSemester2020-2022
17M.Com. (Human Resource Management) Previous & FinalAnnual2021
18M.COM. (International Business) I to IVAnnual2020-2022
19M.COM. (International Business) Previous & FinalAnnual2021
20M.Phlil (E.A.F.M.)Semester2020-2021
21M.Phil. & Ph.D. in ABST (I & II)Semester2021
22M.Phil. (Business Administration)Semester2021
23PG Diploma (Financial Analysis & Control)Annual2021
24PG Diploma (Banking & Finance)Annual2021
25PG Diploma (Co-operation)Annual2021
26PG Diploma(Dovlopment & Investment Banking )Annual2021
27PG Diploma (Management of small scale & Agro-industries)Annual2021
28PG Diploma (Project planning & Infra structure management)Annual2021

7. Faculty of Education

1Bechelor of Library & Information ScienceSemester2020-21
2Master of Library & Information ScienceSemester2020-21
3B.Sc.&B.Ed. Integrated Programme 4Year Part IAnnual2021
4B.Sc.&B.Ed. Integrated Programme 4Year Part IIAnnual2021
5B.Sc.&B.Ed. Integrated Programme 4Year Part IIIAnnual2021
6B.Sc.&B.Ed. Integrated Programme 4Year Part IVAnnual2021
7B.A.&B.Ed. Integrated Programme 4 Year Part IAnnual2021
8B.A.&B.Ed. Integrated Programme 3 Year Part IIAnnual2021
9B.A.&B.Ed. Integrated Programme 4 Year Part IIIAnnual2021
10B.A.&B.Ed. Integrated Programme 4 Year Part IVAnnual Scheme2021
11B.Ed.&M.Ed. Integrated Programme 3 YearSemester I to VI2020-2023
12B.Ed. Two Year Part I & IIAnnual2020-2021
13B.Ed Spedial Education (Intellectual Disability)Semester I to IV2020-2022
14B.Ed Spedial Education (Learning Disability)Semester I to IV2020-2022
15B.Ed Spedial Education (Mental Retradation)Semester I to IV2020-2022
16Bachelor of Physical Education 2 yearSemester I to IV2020-2022
17Certificate Course in Yoga EducationAnnual2021
18M.Ed. Two Year Part I & IISemester I to IV2020-2022
19Master of Physical Education 2 YearSemester I to IV2020-2022
20M.Phil in Physical EducationAnnual2021
21P.G. Diploma in Yoga EducationAnnual2021

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